Get your own VIP box

Pick a suite and make the most of the event in Gatorade Center. VIP boxes are available to the public events.

You can easily host a party, network, party or just chill with your friends or coworkers in your on VIP box. Every suite has its own bar and seating area.

Want something extra?

You can choose your own food and drinks to the VIP box from a wide range of options.

The price

The prices vary depending on the event and the VIP box. Give us a ring or an email and we'll go through the options.


Toni Autio Hannele Lindberg call center
0400 866 440 040 536 7820 02 21 900

Virtual tour of VIP boxes

You can scroll through our VIP boxes (Finnish title -> Aitiot) by virtual tour.


Artukaistentie 8, 20210 Turku. tel. (02) 21 900

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